Croatia Countdown: DnB Kingpin Goldie Talks Outlook Festival

VIBE is heading to Outlook Festival 2013 for a large dose of the best bass music, reggae, hip-hop, garage and beyond. “Croatia Countdown” is your go-to resource for insider 411 from this year’s elite offering of dance music scions leading up to the storied and vibrant music-a-thon.

Break out the plum rakia cocktails, enjoy a beautiful break, hold your breath for those breakdowns, dance freely to breakbeats…It all goes down August 29th – September 2nd (plus a special amphitheatre kick-off show with The Original Wailers on August 28th), under the Croatian sun with the scenic seascape of Puna serving as the backdrop.

This Week on the Decks: Drum and Bass Kingpin Goldie

VIBE: Describe Outlook Festival in two words:
Goldie: The Bullocks [that’s Bristol for “the shit”]!

Who are you excited about seeing on the lineup this year?
Fatima is playing her first live show out there, which is really good she played the other night and she’s a really, outrageously fantastic singer. You don’t find many here that good.

What are you looking forward to about Croatia as the destination for this festival?
I can’t think of a place far enough away to have a festival really, I was quite surprised when Croatia popped up on the map. It’s like “let’s go to Croatia and have a festival!” Yeah, you said that ten years ago people would have laughed at you. The beaches there are really good. I think Croatia [fuses] a lot of mixed genres, which is healthy for the younger generation coming up.

What about you? What are you doing at the moment, you got any releases coming up?
I just dropped “The Alchemist: The Best of Goldie 1992-2012,” album practically last month. I always do an album in the winter so I can’t wait to do that. And then I’ll do a proper Goldie Ice album which is going to be with a lot of musicians. I’m gonna really enjoy that because I haven’t worked with a good musician for a long time who I really respect and like, so I think it’ll be a good opportunity.

Will we be hearing any of that stuff during your performance at Outlook?
Oh yeah definitely.

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