Croatia Countdown: Goodlooking LTJ Bukem Is ‘In Session’ And Headed To Outlook Festival

VIBE is heading to Outlook Festival 2013 for a large dose of the best bass music, reggae, hip-hop, garage and beyond. “Croatia Countdown” is your go-to resource for insider 411 from this year’s elite offering of dance music scions leading up to the storied and vibrant music-a-thon.

Break out the plum rakia cocktails, enjoy a beautiful break, hold your breath for those breakdowns, dance freely to breakbeats…It all goes down August 29th – September 2nd (plus a special amphitheatre kick-off show with The Original Wailers on August 28th), under the Croatian sun with the scenic seascape of Pula serving as the backdrop.

This Week on the Decks: Goodlooking DnB demi-God LTJ Bukem

VIBE: What is LTJ Bukem’s motto for making music?
LTJ BUKEM: Enjoy what you do, take your time to make it right, believe in the results.

You basically created your own niche genre of drum and bass. People call it “atmospheric,” “ambient”… what do you call it?
I have no name for it. I have always been part of the DnB genre. Media and others like to name everything… it’s all music.

Best reason you can think of for going to Outlook Festival?
Like any festival in the world it’s great to be able to check out many acts from all genres and also, Outlook, I believe (this is my first one), has a heavy DnB influence and it’s so nice to work on big festivals alongside guys I have so much respect for. And big up [to] Outlook for supporting our music.

Outlook Festival means to me: (INSERT TWO WORDS)…
Big Festival

Which acts are you most looking forward to catching if you have time?
Too many to mention, all the DnB guys naturally, also Rodigan who had a big influence on me back in the ‘80s and still to this day with his amazing selection of music. Pharoahe, Monch, The Pharcyde, Talib Kweli, Youngsta, Hatcha, the list is endless.

Best advice you ever got?
Believe in yourself, but don’t be a fool and never stop and check yourself at points along the way.

Who are some of the new DnB producers to watch out for on Good Looking?
There are so many producers we are working with, quite an exciting time for the music I love so much, we are releasing an album a month featuring all of these artists, check out our Soundcloud page and store for more.

The latest Bukem In Session album is …(insert three words)…