‘Dark Girls’ Documentary Response From a Light Skin Viewer


Last night’s (June 23) Dark Girls documentary revealed a conversation that often goes ignored: colorism within the black community. It’s a subject matter that’s larger than what most of us realize and Dark Girls dug to the core of the issue.

As a Black woman with a lighter complexion, I was taken aback by the amount of women that battle with the issue of color. On Instagram one of Vixen’s followers commented, “the same debate over and over again… for many years now… I don’t see the point of it anymore.” While listening to the radio this morning, a talk show host commented that she couldn’t relate to the documentary because she never had to deal with the comments on her complexion, she was also of lighter skin.

Bill Duke’s documentary also revealed that our black men divide us, with one man saying “dark skin women tend to be more evil” and another saying that a “light skin woman can’t be a pharaoh or a queen.” On the flip side, white men love black women. Should we confine ourselves to men outside our race for fear of being judged?

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