‘Dark Girls’ Documentary Response From a Light Skin Viewer

Dark Girls Documentary

The most upsetting part of the documentary was the little girls views of themselves, “I don’t like to be called black” said one little girl who is her mother’s darkest child. I’m an aunt to two beautiful little girls who just happened to be of a darker skin complexion; if the day ever comes that I have to address this issue with either one of them, my heart will break. It doesn’t matter that my family never defines us by a color scale, but we can’t (immediately) change the media or her peers comments.

The documentary also addressed the media’s portrayal of black beauty primarily including lighter women like Beyoncé and Halle Berry.  As a result, Black women are bleaching their skin, hating themselves, and perpetuating the stigma to their offspring.

This issue is far from over, but it’s time for us to begin to take responsibility to fix it. What are you doing to change the perception?

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