Debate This: Should Black Women Allow Others to Touch Their Hair?


Unruly "You Can Touch My Hair"

How many times are you asked, “Can I touch your hair?” Once a month? Once a week? Once a day? Well Antonia Opiah was tired of the questions and, in an effort to demystify the fascinations others have with black hair, wrote an op-ed entitled “Can I Touch Your Hair” on the Huffington Post.

With the help of her sister Abigail Opiah—who recently begun her natural transition—and friends, they turned the conversation into “You Can Touch My Hair: a Public Art Exhibit,” an interactive exhibit allowing the public to “get educated about our hair and get the dialogue started.”

But is allowing strangers to essentially examine black women due to their own ignorance a boundary pushed too far? VIBE Vixen’s Editor-in-Chief Nicole (Niki!) McGloster and Digital Editor Deena Campbell discussed the topic and innovative exhibit with The Frisky’s Associate Editor Julie Gerstein (hi, ladies!). — Sharifa Daniels

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