Did ‘Gossip Game’ Star K. Foxx Get Fired From Hot 97?

There’s never a quiet day down at the Hot 97 radio station. The buzz currently is that The Morning Show’s co-host K. Foxx was unceremoniously fired on Thursday (June 20).

According to AllHipHop, the star of the new reality series The Gossip Game was regularly caught beefing with co-host and boss Ebro. The rumor mill has already begun to spin with the word on her replacement. Allegedly, her co-star Ms. Drama (or JasFly, depending on reports) is set to take over Foxx’s responsibilities.

Hot 97 vet Miss Info tweeted the sources are “bullsh*t.” However, in JasFly’s exclusive statement to VIBE Vixen, she says, “I love K. She’s incredibly talented and I’m excited to see what’s next for her.

No word from K. Foxx but, with her resume, it’s plausible that she will bounce back.

Stay tuned for details. –Anthony Centeno

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