Is ‘Downton Abbey’ Ready For Diddy?

A joke may become reality for Diddy as it seems Downton Abbey may be ready for “Downton Diddy.” After appearing on Will Ferrell’s Funny or Die website in a spoof of the popular PBS drama, creator Julian Fellowes is now considering a cameo appearance for the hip-hop mogul.

“I loved that, I thought it was fabulous,” he told The Telegraph. “I absolutely adored it, but I just couldn’t see how he could have done it.”

Diddy hyped the spoof video with a Twitter hoax in which he told his followers that he had been cast for a role on Abbey. Instead, anticipating viewers were gifted with a comedy sketch starring Diddy as the unknown “first black character,” Lord Wilcott. The Bad Boy founder hysterically invaded scenes from the show — which he continuously referred to as “Downtown Abbey” — and even turned one scene into his famous “White Party.”

Fellowes met the comedy with a light heart, sharing that he was not opposed to a Diddy appearance on the actual show.

“I’d never say never, though I imagine he’d steal the scene, even if it was a small part,” he said.