Draya Denies Being a Deadbeat Mom During BET’s #AskDraya Segment

Yesterday (June 6) Basketball Wives LA star Draya Michele hosted BET’s 106 & Park with Bow Wow. In the days prior to her appearance, BET allowed Twitter users to send their questions for Draya by using the #ASKDRAYA hashtag. Little did they know pandemonium would ensue.

Draya, who was charged with child endangerment for leaving her son alone became the subject of a slander-fest. Twitter users asked if Draya’s son seasoned his Ramen noodles with his tears of hunger; if he uses her booking email address to get in contact with her; and why the children in Africa were sending her son their 65 cents a day. Draya immediately took to Twitter and declared she was ready to comment on her haters.

Once on the show Draya stated: “Well, the first thing is, I don’t expect people to understand my life. Because it’s my life. I’m not a bad parent in any way. I’m lucky enough to have fans that have followed me from BBWLA and know that I’m trying to help my family and the set path I’m trying to go with them. Mind ya business!”

Draya continued to lambast her haters by saying: “I got so many haters. I think they’re just confused admirers. Haters are just confused admirers. They just love me. If you’re thinking about me, negative or positive, I’m still on your mind. I stay on your mind!”

What do you think Vixens? Should Draya take accountability for the situation and actually properly address it? Or should she continue to refer to anyone bringing up her past as a hater? —April Dawn Ricchuito