EDM Game Change: Spruke ‘Lies Synthpop Told Me’

Buffalo-based DJ-producer Spruke – born Bill Boulden – dropped his latest album “Lies Synthpop Told Me” earlier this month, and VIBE’s got some track-by-track insight on the album stirring the dance cauldron.

We must be forward. He has style and some ADD influence, but his true self is buried in the album someplace in the middle.

1. Morning Sex
Precious and 30H!3-esqe, this song possesses the juvenile and emo-tronica stuff that college kids love.

2. Change of Pace
Spruke has a knack for melodies, and there’s some potential here when his balls (sorry, we mean bass) decide to drop. He doesn’t figure out how to make vocoded vocals work for him until later on.

3. Shoot The Bad Guys
At first listen, one may find the lyrics simply embarrassing. Look closer. Compositionally, it starts coming together. Think Trent Reznor…