Exclusive Download: Glitch Bass Hop Players K Theory Talk Juicy J And Gareth Emery

K Theory is the glitch-bass-hip-hop collective gearing up for massive live appearances this summer, complete with stops at Global Dance Festival and Red Rocks. The San Francisco based musical “mad scientists” use forward-thinking techniques to beat arrangements, which has garnered industry-wide support, mainly from EDM hero Gareth Emery. The trio – Dylan Lewman, Dustin Musser and Malcolm Anthony – comes correct with a new VIBE exclusive download, of Juicy J’s “Who Da Neighbors” remix. The ladies’ men also chat with VIBE about how to keep the music fresh and creative in a time when an “over-saturation of electronic music” has seeped into the scene.

Who are your favorite rappers to remix?
Hands down, Juicy J. We’ve sampled him in two tracks and just finished up a remix of “Who Da Neighbors,” which Malcolm dropped a 16 [bars] on. Been a huge fan since Three 6 days. We hit him up on Twitter telling him to sue us for illegal use of his voice just so we could meet him in the court room, but we’ve yet to be served.

You churn out a lot of bass-rooted tracks. What artists inspire you most from electronic to bands, hip-hop– anything!?
We really have stopped listening to electronic music recently and dug into our pure creativity to find inspiration, as well as vibing off each other. There is so much over saturation in electronic music right now with the rise of the genre, so we try to leave our creative pallet pretty open, but we each have our own other musical inspirations.
Malcolm: 50 Cent, Jay Z, Lauryn Hill
Dustin: Bach, Infected Mushroom, Juno Reactor
Dylan: The Rolling Stones, Modest Mouse, Lana Del Rey

Who does what in the studio?
We are pretty collaborative in the studio and inspiration is always coming from different directions. The main production of all our music is split between Dustin and Dylan, with the vocals on all of our new stuff spearheaded by Malcolm and Dylan collectively. Our energy is really connected when it comes to making music. Sometimes Dustin will be rocking out and playing a sick line on the keyboard, while Malcolm and Dylan will be singing and rapping together to piece together an epic track. Other times Malcolm will bring a full song to the table that we put production to or Dustin has a crazy dream that turns into “The Master” or “The Wolves”. Dylan has a stack of songs he has written that we’ve been digging through and resurrecting some from the grave with the new addition of Malcolm Anthony to bring some of these vocal anthems to life.

How did you link up with Gareth Emery? Best advice he ever gave you?
We linked up with Gareth Emery in early 2012 [when] our manager got us an opportunity to do a remix for his new single “Tokyo.” He loved what we did with the track and it put us on the map to do three more remixes for him last year. We got to do some direct support dates for him in Sand Frand and Hawaii as well. The best thing Gareth ever said was to keep honing our sound and strive to be different, that everything else would come in time and due to the quality of music we were putting out. Also, he said we had “signed way too few knockers for the amount of girl fans we had.”

Last week you played with Carnage at Ruby Skye. Describe the set.
We brought “K Theory Live” out to co-headline with Carnage at Ruby Skye for their 5-year anniversary event for the Thursday night show “TORQ”. We dropped tons of new album material, as well as unreleased K Theory bass music. Dustin shredded on the keys, Malcolm whispered things into girls ears while rocking the crowd -mainly to follow us twitter – and Dylan mixed the whole set together, as well as dropped some live sampling on the MPC. It’s always an incredible feeling to play at Ruby Skye, they have a top-notch production [team], and just teamed up with Insomniac in the top of the year for Thursdays, so was a great show!

What’s next for K Theory this summer?
Summer 2013 is going to be great. We are doing K Theory Live at Red Rocks for Global Dance Festival in July and that is a dream come true. Touring across the US and Canada on weekends, and when we aren’t doing that, hustling every day in the studio and putting together some collaborations on our new material. We will also be gearing up for our first North American bus tour in the fall, as well as putting out tons of free music throughout the summer. Really excited for the future!