Exclusive: Sidney Samson Talks New Album Collabs With Lil Jon, Dillon Francis And Girlfriend/Singer Eva Simons

Even on the gloomiest and most miserable of NYC days, Sidney Samson possesses the uncanny ability to light up the room. Although, admittedly, he and girlfriend Eva Simons would much rather be shopping than cooped up in their swanky boutique hotel room. You can catch Sidney Samson tonight at Pacha, NYC, he promises to drop new tunes, including one with Simons and his remix for “The Way”. Settling into a huge plush-velvet couch, just hours ago, VIBE began by congratulating Sampson on his recent accomplishments:

VIBE: “Good Time” is the official Dreamfields anthem, congratulations!
Sidney Samson: Yes! Dreamfields is a festival in Holland, and the people that organize the festival are from a nightclub called Matrix. And that’s the first residency at a club I ever had in my life. I think I was 20, or 21… and I’m 31 now so it’s 10 years ago. I have a special connection with them, and when they asked me to make an anthem for the festival, Dreamfields, I was like “yeah, sure, okay!” So, the vocal in it – you’re the first to know — my girlfriend is Eva Simmons, and the vocals, those are from her mom. I pitched them up, but yeah!

You recently updated your Soundcloud with a remix for Ariana Grande feat Mac Miller’s ‘The Way.’ Can you give us any information on when this might be released?
Really soon because they just approved it, so yeah I think it’s gonna be this month. But, the funny thing is, I made that remix, and then somebody posted on my Twitter today saying, “oh, that’s so funny you remixed the song, but it says ‘featuring Mac Miller’, but there’s no Mac Miller in it”. And I was like, “oh damn, oh yeah, of course! Shit! oops!!”

Other than your own, what recent tunes have been killing it in your sets?
There’s a lot of cool stuff. This new song from Martin Garrix called “Animals”. People thought that I made the song with him, but it’s only Martin Garrix and yeah, that song’s really dope.

What can we expect from you in the remainder of 2013?
Next week, I’m starting my album. I’ll go to L.A. to stay there two weeks [and collab with] Dillion Francis, Carnage, Lil Jon, and Far East Movement. Yeah, collaborating a lot! So this year, hopefully end of the year, I’ll come out with my album. I’ll be coming out with some new singles, like the Dreamfields anthem, and there’s one with Leroy Styles called “You Little Bitch”, you will hear, the song is really funny, before the drop you hear “you little bitch!” then it drops. I’m making new songs with a new talent from Holland. His name is Gwise. Don’t forget that name, “Gwise” he’s going to be the new, next big thing from Holland.

And then we know about your new collaboration with Eva Simons, “Magic Shield”? Can you tell us when we can scoop that one up?
We have to plan that release, but I think it’s going to be either July or August and yeah, that will be my first release with Eva. We have more songs, but this is gonna be the first one, and we have to shoot the video, of course.

As a dance music veteran, how has the popularity of EDM affected you, or has it not at all?
No. They call it “EDM” now, when I first heard the word “EDM” I think it took me like, six months to find out it was “electronic dance music”. People were like “I love ‘EDM'” and I’m wondering, “what is EDM, I don’t know?!” I’m just doing what I have been for 10 years now, and now it’s gone mainstream. 10 years ago, the music I made was not top 40 at all. It was underground, club music. Now it’s Top 40 music, also in Holland, I don’t know, 25% of it is an EDM song with a top line on it. That’s what people like now. And so I just do it the same of course. My sound changed, you know, I evolved. I am getting older and my pace is changing a little bit; what I like, what I don’t like. I hear other music and get inspired. But for me, EDM, okay, I will call it “EDM”… it’s what I’m always doing it’s nothing new.

Going along with that, where do you see dance music going in the next year or so?
It’s always going to be dance music, but every year there’s a little change in it. Like, let’s say in the last few years what was really hype was taking an EDM song and collaborate with a rapper. Snoop Dogg was up there, Flo Rida, whatever, and making it a commercial hit. And I think the next is, is what’s going on right now. Taking a hard-style kick, like a hardcore kick, and Showtek is doing that right now, taking a hard kick and dropping it with REALLY hard percussion sound or a really hard hard-style synth. Like a new style… it’s just REALLY HARD! And people like it, so I think that’s the new “thing”. It started with Sandro Silva and Quintino in the song “Epic”, then Showtek came with “Cannonball” and Showtek is, like, taking over! And the guys from Holland, W&W are doing stuff as well. So yes, that’s the style of 2013, I don’t know what 2014 will bring.

Who are your favorite rappers and why?
The greatest rapper of all time is Jay-Z. I love Trinidad James with that “All Gold Everything”, it’s crazy! But Jay-Z, he’s #1.