Facebook To Add Video To Instagram?


With Facebook jumping on the hashtag bandwagon, Mark Zuckerberg and his team may be getting ready to launch new products that could shake up our social media regimen.

While previous reports have stated that the social media giant will launch an RSS service similar to Google Reader (while will sadly R.I.P. July 1), a source tells TechCrunch that a video-sharing app similar to Vine will be implemented into its Instagram property.

Both could equal bold moves on the Zuck’s behalf as it continues its digital battle against the character-driven Twitter. The company recently announced its use of clickable hashtags to create a more community-based feel on the site.

FB’s hashtag product manager Greg Lindley, wrote, “We’ll continue to roll out more features in the coming weeks and months, including trending hashtags and deeper insights, that help people discover more of the world’s conversations.”

The news is set to officially drop at its mysterious press event June 20.