Fake Baby North West Pictures Exposed

You can’t get anything past reality TV star Kim Kardashian.

No stranger to the extremes people will go to snap a photo of her newborn baby girl North West for wads of cash, mommy Kim reportedly wanted to weed out the snakes before anyone got a chance to steal and auction off a pic of her daughter.

Sources tell TMZ that Kardashian sent a picture of an “imposter baby” that was being shopped as North to half a dozen “friends.” The plan was concocted to identify the individuals looking for a quick buck.

With faux photos floating around, the Kardashian camp assures that none of the pictures are of baby West. At this rate, Kim and Kanye’s wedding plans in Paris sound like the couple’s big day may come before we catch a glimpse of North. —Alley Olivier

Photo Credit: TMZ