Flo Rida Manager: “We Go Hard In Dade County”

Flo Rida’s manager had about as bad a night as the Indiana Pacers.

The rapper’s manager was kicked out of Game 7 between the Miami Heat and the Pacers on Monday (June 3) night, and thankfully there is video.

Via Deadspin comes this video AND a bonus GIF of Flo Rida’s manager getting booted from American Airlines Arena.

Flo Rida’s manager got kicked out during the same stretch that Indiana’s Jeff Pendergraph and Miami’s Norris Cole got tossed, which is pretty rarified company.

Flo Rida Manager

Sorry, Flo Rida’s manager – looks like you somehow left earlier than most Miami fans.


Lee “Freezy” Prince talked to MTV about his ejection, and Flo Rida’s manager did not exactly pull punches or apologize.

“The feeling of the Miami Heat win became too much for them, so when they got physical I got vocal,” Prince told MTV. “I’m not a fair weather fan; we go hard in Dade County.”

Flo Rida’s manager Freezy even posted a pic on Instagram of himself, pre-ejection.