Floyd Mayweather Bet $5.9 Million On Miami Heat?

There’s a reason they call him “Money Mayweather.”

Floyd Mayweather Jr. — championship boxer and highest-earning athlete in the world — reportedly dropped a cool $5.9 million on last night’s Eastern Conference Finals’ Game 7 between the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers. The whopping bet, in favor of the Heat (who defeated the Pacers 99-76), earned Mayweather a $6.49 million profit. Vegas Gambling Stream, the Twitter account for Vegas gambling site Pregame.com, broke the news yesterday morning:

“**ALERT** Good source from my #HeavyHitters Vegas crew alerted me that Floyd Mayweather has laid over $5,900,000 on Heat-7 tonight in Vegas.”

Though his highest known stakes yet, the boxer is no stranger to gambling. Mayweather frequently shares his bet tickets via photos on Twitter, totaling $3,890,833 worth of bets according to Grantland.com. The nearly $6 million dollar bet on last night’s game may have been spread out over multiple sportsbooks due to its large size, several sources speculate.

Mayweather has yet to comment on the huge wager, but it’s just coins in the bank for the mega-earning star. He also just signed a $200 million-dollar, six fight deal with Showtime and plans to have a $40 million bout against Canelo Alvarez in September.