Foreign Beggars And Noisia Join Bass Forces On Mystery Project


UK hip-hop-bass trio Foreign Beggars and Dutch drum and bass masters Noisia recently posted an ominous picture on their respective Facebook pages, announcing the upcoming release of their collaborative project, I Am Legion. The Beggars were way ahead of the curve with last year’s release of their genre-fusion album, The Uprising.

Fast-forward to today, and has anyone heard of a little thing called, “trap?” So far, details of the album are being kept on the down low, and all we know is that it comes out in 83 days, thanks to this official countdown. With this year’s undeniable DnB resurgence in the US, these European enigmas have stayed true to form as long-time propagators of bass music.

Noisia and Foreign Beggars have collaborated before on a plethora of tracks including “Contact”, “Soul Purge”, and “Shake It”, as well as working collectively with Skrillex. After the six or so years that have been put into their musical relationship, we have seen the ranges that these groups can reach together, and we are excited to finally hear how the Beggars’ spitfire bars and Noisia’s mercurial grime-tech have evolved with and under each other’s influences as the brighter sounds of EDM have ignited around the less illuminated realms that much of DnB has been evolving within.

For a taste of what Foreign Beggars and Noisia are capable of creating together, check their 2009 blowout tune “Contact”.