The 10 Most Enlightening Quotes From Foxy Brown’s Interview On ‘The Combat Jack Show’

Foxy Brown doesn’t do many interviews these days, so this one is a doozy. The Ill Na Na sat with The Combat Jack Show recently and spoke on everything from the good old days with Jay-Z to losing her hearing to her daddy issues, getting teary-eyed on occasion. Check out the most enlightening quotes.

On her history of upgrading dudes
“When you’re 14 and your nickname is good [p—y], what does that say? That means that you have to be, at some point, you have to have that… And then you’re with the strongest dudes. You have to break them down mentally… Nothing makes me like a person more than intelligence.”

On insecurities about her dark skin
“I had the worst insecurity. Because my mom is light-skinned. My mom is very light-skinned, and she’s from Trinidad. She would always tell me to make me feel better, because all the women in my family are light, she would say: ‘I wish I could go to the beach and just get dark.’…And I think we all have that, even in this generation now, with my nieces or my little cousins who are dark-skinned, they have that innate type of… It’s something that I don’t think ever would probably change.”

On what kind of dudes she likes
“I just like powerful dudes, even if he was just the dude on the block, but he just had that respect. That’s why my longest relationship with Spragga [Benz], my first true, true, true love, he’s a militant dude… He just stands for something.”

On her dad’s absence
“My dad leaving just left a huge hole in my heart… Later on, after they divorced, he started getting high and he was really bad. My dad had a welding shop and I would be coming off tour and pulling up on the corner and he’d be sitting on top of a crate, just shriveled up. But he was still my king, still my dad. My brother tried to fill the void, but your dad is your king, for a little girl. He’s the one that tells you that you are a princess, you are beautiful. He trains you to know that a man should open a car door for you.”

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