A Frenchman In New York: Producer Yuksek’s Guide To NYC


France-based producer/DJ Yuksek is gearing up to take a bite out of the Big Apple with two live performances this weekend. VIBE put Partyfine’s top dog to the taste test by scooping up his guide to the spots that make New York City his joie de vivre. Check out Yukseks’s tips and tricks to Gotham…

Like most French people I’m in love with NYC! I have played in the city many times with only a few days to enjoy my surroundings during each visit, however, I have a few “routines”…

1. I walk from my usual hotel (Standard Highline) along the Hudson by the piers and head to South of Manhattan, usually stopping by the Agnès B Gallery to see what’s going on, via the Opening Ceremony store to purchase a good pair of shoes.

2. If there’s a good exhibition I try to go to the new Museum of Contemporary Art.

Crate Dig
3. If I have an afternoon to spare, I will go digging in record stores such as Other Music or Academy in Brooklyn. Then I like to start the evening with friends at the Ace Hotel.

Go Out
4. Most of the time I play at Le Baron, Le Poisson Rouge or Le Bain on Top of The Standard, which has the craziest club view in the world! Once I had the chance to play for a Creator’s Project event under the Williamsburg Bridge, which was incredible.

5. Speaking of Brooklyn, we played live at Cameo, a really small venue that sells really good hamburgers and beer (even if I don’t like it).

The Square
6. Last year I did a two day session in a sweet studio at Union Square with Oh Land, we wrote together the first song released on my Partyfine label ‘On My Brain’. Just to add, Oh Land’s boyfriend, Eske Kath is a really talented abstract painter.

7. Studio wise, my dream would be going into James Murphy’s studio for a session. James can you hear me?!

Catch Yuksek in NYC on June 22nd at The Full Moon Festival and Drom’s Club.

‘Peter & The Magician Mixtape’ (out June 24):