6-Year Old Grace Colbert Responds to Cheerios Ad Backlash [Video]

It’s been over two weeks since the release of Cheerios’ latest TV advertisement. Titled “Just Checking,” the 30-second clip features a biracial girl asking her white mother about the health benefits of cereal. What was supposed to be a heartwarming portrayal of an American family is now the center of a debate about race in America. Although the ad is backed by an overwhelming amount of support, Cheerios was forced to shut down the comments section of their YouTube page after seeing a host of racist comments.

This week, the adorable Grace Colbert and her parents appeared on MSNBC to talk about the impact of the commercial on conversations about multiracial families.

“America needs to see that this is just a way of life. I wasn’t upset or anything. I was pretty much really excited about having this type of reaction so we can see where we still stand in America. But look out, America, because this is just reality,” said Colbert’s father Christopher.

Sandwiched between her parents and looking adorable as ever, the 6-year old thought the attention was due to her “great smile.” Watch the Colberts discuss the controversy below.