Gucci Mane To Chief Keef: ‘Try Not To Do The Same Thing I Did’

Gucci Mane has made some mistakes in his career but he’s trying to right some of his wrongs by playing big bro to 17-year-old mischief rapper Chief Keef.

During an interview with Power 107.5 in Columbus, Gucci opened up about his legal woes and the media’s perception of him.

“I take responsibility for some of that bad stigma that comes from me,” Gooch said. “A lot of the things I have done, I regret. And a lot of it [I deserved]. A lot of it, it be false claims. Media take it and make their own assumptions, a lot of things don’t have a lot of truth in them.”

In the interview, Gucci also shared some advice for the “I Don’t Like” spitter. “My advice would be to him [Keef], and any other young guy, is…try not to do the same thing that I did.”

The Brick Squad CEO, who recently was placed behind bars for violating his probation, says his most recent signee looks up to him.

“[Keef] a big fan of mine and I just see a lot of potential in him,” he said. “I feel like all these years I’ve been in the rap game, there’s a lot of things that I wish I could have did a different way. So I just feel like if nothing else, I just want to give him some advice so that he can just enjoy his career. Just show him that trouble is so easy to get into.”

Keef, real name Keith Cozart, who was recently arrested for speeding and drug possession, has also had his fair share of legal drama, which Mane hopes to groom.

“It’s really more of a big brother thing,” he said. “There’s a business arrangement of course, but I just really like him as a person.”

Photo Credit: Instagram