Gunnar Peterson Unveils Kim Kardashian’s Post-Baby Workout Plan


Gunnar Peterson is responsible for some of Hollywood’s most fit bodies. With Halle Berry, Sofia Vergara and Kim Kardashian on his client list, demand for the personal trainer is at an all time high.

In an exclusive with the UK Daily Mail, the fitness guru reveals that Kim Kardashian is already getting back into pre-baby shape. So far, the new mommy has cut all sweets from her diet and once she’s ready- will plunge into an intense workout plan.

In addition to the traditional cardio boxing, dead lifts, squats and rowing machine, Kim will also be forced to push a 200 pound sled down a 90 foot track. According to Peterson, the exercise is so intense that Vergara- one of his most famous clients- curses at him in Spanish while pushing the apparatus.

Before her pregnancy, Kardashian worked out with Gunnar three-five days a week, depending on her schedule.

“We always mix strength moves with cardio intervals and I find that combination is what really works best for me… but everyone is different,” she’s said of the routine.

Since she was often spotted at the gym during her pregnancy as well, we think Kim will have no trouble bouncing back.

Photo Credit: Zimbio