To The Guy Who Is Great On Twitter But Bad In Real Life

I met this guy that, to his over 135,000 twitter followers at least, is a virtual God. I’ve encountered my share of those self-proclaimed Twitter celebs but none have grazed my timeline with comedic genius quite like this charmer. He perfectly constructed witty punch lines, arranged what I felt were daily pop culture forums and was always dabbling in something interesting. His life and online persona appeared to be crème de la crème. And honestly, it’s a skill to be that compelling through a screen.

Where was I?

Yes. I finally came face to face with the man behind the app through a good friend of mine, who peevishly calculated how many times I would quote this man’s word art. She figured it was time I put an end to my lighthearted obsession so she brought me to a small gathering where she knew he would be.

Aside from the distorted selfies and comic sketches he would post scarcely to Twitter, I was completely unaware of what this guy looked like since I never followed him on Instagram. But before I knew it, the man of my Twitter dreams was within arms reach. I thought, his first words will be something amazing and we’ll become best friends forever and vow to be silly and laugh until our sides were screaming.

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Photo Credit: The Art