Happy Father’s Day: Letters to (and About) Our Dads

Niki and her dadArguably, our fathers–whether respectable, stand-up guys or deadbeat dads–help shape us into the ladies we soon become. From little girls to grown women, the ties that bind us to our daddies-slash-superheroes naturally change but, directly or indirectly, give us the strength to face life and all of its obstacles.

Yes, this holiday catches a lot more flack than the day carved out for our moms, but it’s important to acknowledge the lessons we’ve learned from the father figures we honor, respect and cherish.

Father’s Day is especially a special time for the ladies at VIBE Vixen, so we poured out a little love on these e-streets for each of our papas.

Click through the pages to see the words dedicated to our favorite guys. –Niki McGloster