Happy Father’s Day: Letters to (and About) Our Dads


Nikki Breeden's Dad

Dear Dad,

You’ve spent half my life fighting with my mom. Boy, I praised the day that all ended. Whoever said divorce is a b-tch never had to tip toe the halls of your chambers. But despite a tumultuous past, we’ve weathered the storm. I’ll never deem myself a daddy’s girl and we probably will never fully possess the father-daughter relationship that my younger self longed for, but in many ways, those holes to our relationship resulted in my wholeness as a woman. Your absence has taught me more than your presence ever could.

It took me years to grasp the lessons and answers to all of my why’s but, because of you, I’m a fighter, I’m fearless and I’m a woman who 100% knows her worth. Overcoming our battles, months of not speaking, we are in a different space than we were back then. Today, I appreciate you for the man that you are. For being supportive over everything I do. Your sense of humor is a flashlight to my dark days and you’re always a phone call away for the wise words and advice needed. And I know that you try.

I won’t beat you down for the things you didn’t do or even diagnose myself to be a 24-year-old girl with daddy issues, knowing God has allowed me to better forgive and understand. Flaws and all, sometimes I may just forget that you’re human.

Somehow, in some crazy way, you’ll always be my first love. Happy Father’s Day, papito! We have our issues, but we’ll get there.


Your daughter with daddy issues (kidding!)