Howard Stern Interviews Nick Cannon

The bromance that started when Nick Cannon and Howard Stern both appeared as judges on “America’s Got Talent” spilled over during a recent interview on the shock jock’s show.

According to FreeOnsmash: Cannon stopped by the Howard Stern show and admitted some personal sex-life details that he and Mariah Carey became target of the tabloids due to normal “guy talk” on the show. Two went on to discuss their past sexual experience (orally) before their wives, with their past girlfriends having a bad smelling lower region and explained how they broke it down to them of having the scent.Nick also opened up about producing for Nickelodeon at the tender age of 17 which he cited Amanda Bynes as a sister. Cannon has tried to reach out to Bynes recently but hasn’t had success due to a new management team. Listen to the interview in its entirety above and check after the jump for a special video excerpt from the show.

Listen to the full interview at FreeOnsmash.