Interview: Burnski and Manik Discuss Collabs And Going Culprit


Photo: MANIK (left) and Burnski (right)

Separate, they are Berlin-based house producer Burnski and NYC-raised electronic artist MANIK, but together they are one of the genre’s hottest collabo duos, as seen in their latest launch, “Yellow Jacket Girl (YJG).” VIBE got both boys to sit down and rap about the working as team versus solo, and how coming from different places can help create the right vibe.

VIBE: How does your music differ as a duo than it did as individual producers?
Burnksi (B): I think if you went through our back catalog, Chris’ work is a bit slower, and I may play tougher than him, but it brings a good combination to the studio. We are generally into similar music.
Manik (M): I think collectively we just really vibe. We are both into tons of different styles of music so our artistic ethos gels. With that said, the music comes naturally when we sit down together.

What drew you guys together in the first place?
B: We met quite a few years ago in NYC, I think it was in 2010. We had released material on a few similar labels, so we’ve just always kept in touch since the Myspace days
M: Basically, what I mentioned before and just being good friends. When you vibe with someone, the music will vibe too.

Sonically, how have your geographical locations (Burnski being from Berlin, MANIK from NYC) affected your music?
B: Good question. Berlin makes me want to make warm music, but more for the dance floor.
M: NYC is an artist melting pot. Same goes for Berlin, so in a way they are similarly affecting us. Both cities have a special place for us.

What can fans expect from your latest collaboration in ‘YJG’?
B: It’s an old one – we actually did start of last year. It works at the after hour or a day party.
M: It’s a song we did like a year ago that came together pretty quickly – as our other tracks. You can hear a bit of us both on there.

What’s it like working with the Culprit label?
B: Culprit guys are good lads, and it’s always wicked to see them around – out and about.
M: Culprit is a good group of people. Love what they do for LA and everyone knows I’m a huge fan of Cali, and specifically Los Angeles. Naturally we work well together.

Will you guys continue to work together throughout the rest of the year, or will you be pursuing solo projects for a while?
B: I’m just finishing a big project, so I’m putting everything into that as we speak, but Chris comes over for a bit, so let’s see what happens. He’s always touring over here, allowing us to hook up a good 3/4 of the year.
M: We both have a lot on our plates for sure in terms of solo projects, but we will always make time to make new music together. I have a new Ovum EP dropping in August. I also have an album on the way, and Burnski is also working on a new LP.