J. Cole Doesn’t Need Validation From Anyone

In the last three parts of Elliott Wilson’s CRWN interview with J Cole, fans were treated to the stories that helped create “Born Sinner.”

Like he said in part one, J Cole wants to create new classics to rock to and went a different route when creating “Born Sinner.” Instead of seeking validation and relying on the arsenal of songs he already had, he challenged himself to start from the bottom.

“I had songs in the stash that I’m like this is for my second album, this is for my third album and them songs still exist but I told myself no. I’m starting with nothing. Every song that’s on this album is going to be fresh,” J Cole said.

He also pointed out that he didn’t seek Jay Z and Mark Pitts’s approval for every song.

“The difference is on the first album – me just being so gassed to having a deal, I wasn’t just taking advice, I was looking for the approval of another person,” the NC rapper explained. “

Unlike Drake and Big Sean who have a clear, visual relationship with Lil Wayne and Kanye respectively, the public doesn’t see any Instagram evidence of an affiliation between Cole and Jay. But Cole has no worries, “I’m just grateful for the advice and that he’s rooting for me. I don’t need the validation.”

As far as competition goes, J Cole no longer feels like a fish in a shark tank. “There was a point in time when these guys seemed so far away from me and it has gotten to a point now where all these guys are competition because I know what I put on the table is just as special,” he said.

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