J. Cole Fan Apologizes For Twitter Threat

People do the most for a retweet from their favorite celebs but probably not as much as this one J. Cole fan.

The Twitter user @_TzC_ tweeted the rapper, who dropped his sophomore effort Born Sinner Tuesday (June 18). “Retweet me and I’ll buy ‘Born Sinner.’ Don’t retweet me and I’ll kill my lil sister,” the fan wrote, accompanied by a photo of a girl standing with what looked like a gun pointed at her head.

Cole did RT the post then wrote, “wildest s*** i ever seen on twitter bruh.”

The digital threat prompted the media to investigate into the matter and the account was eventually shut down. @_TzC then came out of hiding, revealing that it was a BB gun and that the boys in blue had gotten involved.

“My mom is so mad at me…. I gotta go into hiding for a lil while,” the user shared, later replying to one inquirer, “(I)t was a BB gun. Cops came to my house and everything.”

He also released an apology through TMZ. “I’d like to apologize to America for the photo and to put J. Cole in that position. It was all a joke. It was an unloaded BB gun and my sister was in on it. I only tweeted it because I didn’t expect a response. Mr. Cole please don’t sue me. I want to formally apologize more to J. Cole and yeah my mom made me delete my twitter until I fixed it.”

Texas authorities say the young man has been very cooperative throughout the ordeal.

“I make terrible decisions. Don’t admire me,” the fan tweeted Wednesday. “I’m not a bad person, I’m just stupid.”

Photo Credit: Getty