J. Cole Talks ‘Let Nas Down’ Remix, Jay-Z And Releasing Mixtapes To Retail

While cranking out his Dollar and a Dream tour in H-Tine, J. Cole rolled through 97.9 The Box radio station to chop it up with Devi Dev.

The Born Sinner MC discussed how a random run-in with Nas at the airport cemented the foundation for the take two of his track “Let Nas Down” and hearing his idol’s contribution. “We talked about it a week and some change ago,” Cole said. “It was a huge moment for hip-hop but for me, period.”

When asked how Hov feels about his sophomore effort, the Roc Nation signee said the bossman was happy. “He’s a happy camper … He thought the album was incredible.”

Jermaine also said how a conversation with Jay sparked the idea of selling his well-received mix tapes The Warm Up and Friday Night Lights on shelves. “I don’t care if they sell a 1,000 copies, it’s just to give them the proper due.”

Listen to the full interview below.

Photo Credit: Getty