JasFly Recounts Weight Loss Journey with ‘Essence’

With the overwhelming amount of weight loss shows on television, it’s hard to forget that sometimes all it takes is old fashioned diet and exercise to see results. For many, including Gossip Game star JasFly, losing weight means changing your entire life.

In an exclusive with Essence, the freelance journalist details losing over 100 pounds and its effect on her quality of life.

“My grandmother’s death was, for me, this incredibly heartbreaking gift. It was amazing to be with her when she left this Earth, but I also got to see first hand what happens to your body when you don’t take care of it,” she recounts. “It was a turning point for me.”

At age 27, Jas’ decision to literally get up from the couch, throw on some “old beat up shoes” and go for a walk, jump started a lifestyle that includes weekly exercise and healthy food choices. Today, the writer credits a trainer and regular running with keeping her curves in check. She encourages those who want to do the same to simply “get up” while noting that weight loss includes fixing your inner self as well.

“I got to know who I was. At the end of 100 pounds I was standing there waiting to meet myself. I had to let go of the things that allowed me to get that heavy, and when I let go of them, I let go of the person who I wasn’t and got to see the person who I [am.] So it wasn’t just confidence, it was faith, trusting myself, allowing myself to be vulnerable to even talk about it. It was so much at the end of it. It was not about the weight and never about the food. It was about everything else that allowed me to get there that I had to let go of. So life is completely different. I move fearlessly now, whereas to allow yourself to get to 300 pounds, you’re weighed by fear.”

Photo Credit: Essence/Instagram