Jay-Z Releases ‘Heaven’ Lyrics, Recycles R.E.M. Classic


Jay-Z is a man of his word but in teasing his July 4-bound effort Magna Carta Holy Grail, he lets his bars lead the way.

Young Hov offered a sneak peek into another MGHC production called “Heaven,” which borrows lyrics from legendary rock band R.E.M. “Question religion/ Question it all/ Question existence/ Until them questions are solved” come straight from the 1980s group’s classic single “Losing My Religion.”

The words to his Justin Timberlake-assisted single “Holy Grail” were previously released and brought out Mr. Carter’s inner Nirvana with lines from the band’s iconic hit “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

While the man has fans scouring the streets in a hunt to get their hands on his tracklist, the rest of us can print the lyrics out and have a read along to track #2 courtesy of Shawn below.