Jesse Eisenberg Channels His ‘Social Network’ Role As He Destroys Interviewer

Jesse Eisenberg may not have been acting all that much when he played the harsh, sarcastic Mark Zuckerberg in his breakout role in The Social Network. The 29-year-old actor is coming under scrutiny for being less-than-polite in an interview with Univision promoting his new film Now You See Me. The interviewer, Romina Puga, wrote a blog post following her exchange with Eisenberg where she asserts that he “humiliated” her and that he “isn’t very nice.”

In the post, Puga recounts some behind-the-scenes quotes from Eisenberg in the interview she calls “self-esteem butchering.” Eisenberg insults her interviewing skills after discovering that she had written notes on her hand. Puga rewrites the conversation in her blog:

“J: You know the comedian Carrot Top?

R: Yes. He’s horrible.

J: Well… (He points down as in saying ‘don’t say that just yet’) You are like the Carrot Top of interviewers. Yeah because you know they rely on props instead of just their own… you know…

R: Ok. I’m going to cry now.

J: No. Don’t cry now. Cry after the interview is over, because otherwise it’ll look like I was responsible for it.”

Seems like Puga’s opening for the post may not be totally off-base: “Jesse Eisenberg isn’t very nice.” Check out the full interview here.