Joe Torre’s Daughter Saves Baby Boy in Brooklyn


The daughter of former Yankees manager Joe Torre, Christina Torre, earned her stripes on Wednesday (June 19) after catching 16-month-old Dillon Miller in Brooklyn. As the dangling baby boy struggled to hang on to the awning of the Sweetie Frozen Yogurt shop at 9104 Third Ave., Torre, 44, used her quick reflexes to swoop up the kid before he hit the ground.

Witnesses immediately praised her life-saving efforts. “She was positioning herself, and she works with preschool kids, and she kind of knew from what he was doing; that he was going to come down,” Vento to CBS New York, “and she was in the right place at the right time, thank God.”

Christina’s dad was also quoted as saying he was “very proud” of her.

Sam Miller, 23, and Tiffany Demetria, 24–the parents–have been arrested and charged with child endangerment, with their other three children also taken by Child Protective Services.

Dillon is reportedly in stable condition at Lutheran Medical Center.