Join VIBE Magazine And Kevin Powell For A Night Of Live Music And Culture


Few journalists have made such an instrumental impact on hip-hop, as founding VIBE staff member Kevin Powell.

The man once asked to solely chronicle the life of Tupac Shakur, has shifted his focus to the progress of his community. Powell currently addresses inequality across the entire world, speaking out against injustices from South Africa to Japan. His latest endeavor, Building Knowledge (BK) Nation is a new national and multicultural non-profit organization, developed to address five significant issues through underlining projects. The initiatives are outlined within the education project, the leadership and activism project, the job and small business project, the health project and the art and culture project.

VIBE joins AT&T and Fusicology to present the organization’s debut event, an elegant night of performances hosted by the award winning writer and author Kevin Powell. The live music and culture session will take place Friday, June 21 at Le Poisson Rouge in downtown, Manhattan. Doors open at 7 PM and while entry is free, there is a two drink minimum requirement.

“I’m very excited this is our first event with VIBE. It’s really a space to showcase artists who’s voices deserve to be heard out there. We’re adding comedy, a short film, dance and live music, in hopes that this will become a quarterly event – a mini cultural festival. If we can create this thing called hip-hop, which is the dominate youth culture over the last thirty years and a multi-billion dollar industry, if we can build that from nothing to where it is, that says to me that we can change this world politically and socially if we’re very serious about it. We’re going to be taking this thing to the next level. It will be diverse, urban and hip just like the VIBE magazine we’ve celebrated for 20 years. I’m honored that VIBE has embraced me. It feels good to come back home.” — Kevin Powell