Jurassic 5: Akil the MC Talks Reunion, Future Album Plans

“When we started rehearsing some of our songs, we’d be like, ‘We forgot that lyric or forgot that lyric.’ But, when we did improvise …” it was basically like old times Akil the MC tells VIBE of Jurassic 5’s return to the stage in 2013.

Jurassic 5 dropped their first single “Unified Rebelution” in 1995. The track was a different wave of hip-hop, more laid back in comparison to it’s gangsta West Coast compadre, but still laced with bold lyricism. The L.A. hip-hop crew — emcees Chali 2na, Mark 7even, Zaakir, Akil and DJs Cut Chemist and Nu-Mark — would put out their eponymous EP-turned-LP, plus another three full-length albums, before disbanding in 2006 following Cut Chemist’s departure. There’s no album four from J5 on the horizon just yet, but after seven years of pursuing their own solo projects, the group is hitting the stage again. The Quality Control preachers reunited this year to play a select number of music festivals: Coachella, Outside Lands and the recently announced gig at Rock the Bells.

Adds Akil: “How [Michael] Jordan came with the 45, we just want to stay with the 23. We want to keep it Jurassic 5.”