Justin Bieber Kicked Out of Nightclub for Being Underage


Justin Bieber might think he’s a grown up posting pictures of bras thrown at him and all, but even the platinum-selling pop star must follow the rules.

Bieber, who is only 19, was kicked out of Lure nightclub on Saturday in Hollywood for being underage, reports E!. The “Heartbreaker” was attempting to get into the club’s Toxic Luau Beach Day party where the Game was the emcee. Guests included Diddy’s stepson Quincy Jones Brown, Reggie Bush and Christina Millian.

The club was adamant on following the law. They reportedly told Bieber’s camp they wouldn’t let the star in because he wasn’t 21 when contacted earlier about his intentions to attend. Bieber still showed up and tried to sneak in a back door, until the Game saw him from stage and accidentally announced his arrival on the mike. Security swooped in and kicked Bieber out.

“He left right away,” said E!’s source. “He seemed really embarrassed.”