Kanye West Asks That You “Please Add Graffiti” to ‘Yeezus’ Cover


When Kanye West’s Yeezus artwork first leaked it looked like this, and we thought this, and got all Encyclopedia Britannica about that.

But then the Redeemer of the Rap World changed it to this, and people were like “Wow that’s creative! Not!” and “He’s so postmodern,” but that didn’t stop him from ultimately going with this. Finally, all of this and that makes sense.

New posters promoting Kanye West blood-curling sixth LP, Yeezus, have hit the streets, and it seems that before channeling post-modernism or sleek Alexander Wang-inspired edges, the ever-fashionable West just wants you to have fun with it.

“Please Add Graffiti,” read the giant street posters, egging people to get their Krylon cans in hand and do their best How & Nosm or Banksy on them.

Like ‘Ye’s “New Slaves” projections seen around the world, the whole idea is set to launch a viral Instagram marketing campaign. Hashtags: #PleaseAddGraffiti #Yeezusart #Yeezusgraffiti

Yeezus leaked yesterday, four days before its official June 18 drop date.