Kanye West Headbutt Sign Moved

Several weeks back we ran a story on Kanye West walking into a street sign. Captured was a supreme human moment in the life of Kanye West. The “I Am A God” rapper was just like the rest of us, walking into street signs and curling up in pain thereafter.

Well, turns out Kanye West is not like the rest of us. His Holiness Yeezus has descended from his thrown, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God to have said sign moved to a higher position.

Yes, the sign that Kanye West walked into has been raised to a higher height where no one will be able to walk into it again. No, Kanye did not threaten with a lawsuit. The owners of the Beverly Hills property were said to have taken action themselves, possibly to prevent a former lawsuit.

Lo and behold the power of Yeezus!

Here’s that video one more time.

[via TMZ]