Kanye West Performs at Governors Ball Music Festival


No one can do fashionably late like Kanye West. Though the performer was 15 minutes behind schedule for his Governors Ball Music Festival performance (June 9) , he gave the crowd what they were waiting for. Bursting on stage in a silver-studded leather jacket, gray tee, jeans and red kicks, Kanye made a statement not only with his music performance but also with statements about his upcoming album.

Toward the end of performing 2012 hit “Clique”, Kanye warned of the imminent emotional rant that normally takes place midway between his live performances. “This is the part of the show where I start talking s***,” boasted Yeezy before going into an emotional rave (not rant) about the current state of his album and his feelings about radio and today’s music.

“We ain’t even got no cover. We just made some real music. Couple years ago, we’d go away and create an album in like 5 months, come back and wait for just the right time to drop it for the optimal album sales.” —Christina Brown

Photo Credits: LoveBrownSugar