Kid Capri And Jayceeoh Discuss The State of DJing With The Breakfast Club

Legendary DJ Kid Capri and winner of Season 3's Master of The Mix Jayceeoh hit up Power 105's morning show The Breakfast Club Thursday (June 6) to discuss the state of DJing and educate the "ratchet" generation on why they should pay their respects to the veterans that came before them. Check out some of the highlights from the interview below.

On being a well respected DJ:
"I just try to make them happy. When you get in front of a crowd and they love what you do. It's just a thing that I love doing. I did it when it was no money."

On the oversaturation of DJs:
"The ones that got the real talent, the ones that really, really care about the people and care about their careers, they're the ones that are gonna shine the most."

On celebrities becoming DJs for fun:
"I taught Solange how to DJ. I taught her right in Q-Tip's house and that Friday she did Steve Stoute's party and she's never stopped since then. It's a fun thing to do. You don't have to worry about being a singer and you have a crowd and perform for them."

On why he stayed away from radio:
"If I'm not gonna be Kid Capri, I'm not gonna be everybody else. I'm not gonna have program directors telling me this is how you gotta play. This is what you gotta do.... It's not really ego, it's just that I really love what I do."

On radio not playing classic hip-hop:
"It should be a balance of hip hop. The same way you hear Jeezy records is the same way ou should hear a KRS-One record. Same way you that hear a Lil Wayne record is the same way that you should hear a Rakim record because at the end of the day, these are groundbreaking dudes that sold concerts and they were the ones that we looked up to. These are our heros and we act like they were never there. We look at someone who had a career of 16 albums and at some point you look down at them like that's a bad thing. Like they old school. Dummy, you suppose to be trying to get the same thing for yourself. It should be celebrated. You should look at that as something that's an accomplishment.

Click play and get schooled in the full interview above.

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