Lauren London’s Dream Actor is Brad Pitt?! [Video]

Snoop Lion should be the spokesperson for Lauren London’s career.

The Vixen cover girl stopped by Double G Network (GGN) to talk about her new role on The Game as the D-O-Double-G cut to the chase about his attraction to the actress. “Do you have a love interest?” the rapper asked. Upon finding out about LL’s love interest on the show, he offered. “Let me come on the show and wreck the home of the football player.”

Lil Wayne’s baby mother diverted to her upcoming project, The Baggage Claim, and also revealed who her dream actor is. “Of course Denzel, but Brad Pitt,” she squealed. It may be her lucky day because upon revealing who he is, the former “Dogg” made a public service announcement to Pitt. “Brad, wassup I know your busy, ” the host-rapper said before continuing his PSA, “she would love to have an emotional scene with you, actually the whole movie, just you and her. So I need you to get back in contact with her management and tell her about that new movie you have so ya’ll can make it happen.”


Press play to watch the humorous interview.