Gentlemen’s Corner: Laz Alonso Talks Leading Women, Student Loans and Style Essentials


For years, Laz Alonso has captivated audiences with his classic Hollywood looks and versatile acting techniques. We’ve watched him grow through various roles in Avatar, Jumping the Broom and recently cancelled television series Deception. Combined with his gracious persona off-screen, Laz has quickly become one of our favorite actors in Hollywood. This week, Vixen caught up with the stylish star in New York City to chat about his upcoming projects, television versus film and why student loans are worth the aggravation.-Nicole Brown

VIBE Vixen: Your hair is longer! We’ve never seen you with curly hair.

Laz Alonso: (Laughs) I’m in between projects right now. I have a film coming out in September and usually when I’m in between projects, I just kind of chill out, max out. I let my hair grow out. I might let a beard grow out. So, if you see me with a beard or long hair, that means I’m not working right now.

Do you prefer it to the cleaner look?

I like the clean shaven look because with the beard, I’m always itching. So I like to keep some part of me nice and cleanly shaved. That could be read so many different ways, but we’re not going to go there (laughs). But, usually I can let my hair grow out and I can deal with that.

You just wrapped your second television series, Deception. Which do you prefer: TV or film?

I love both. I love the consistency of TV, playing the same character week in and week out and letting it evolve and every week something different happening. But, with film, when you immerse yourself in a character for three months and live the reality of that character, both are really gratifying. In a nutshell, they both use different muscles. On TV, you have to tell the beginning, middle and end very quickly. In a film, you have an hour and a half or two hours to tell a story. It just exercises different techniques and different skills and I enjoy them both equally.