Gentlemen’s Corner: Laz Alonso Talks Leading Women, Student Loans and Style Essentials


Are you still paying off school loans?

I can say that last year I paid off my last student loan.

Wow! What can you say to someone who’s struggling to pay those bills?

Oh, man. You will get to that point. You’re going to look back and be so happy those days are behind you. But, at the same time, I’m really grateful that those loans helped me get through school. Without them, I wouldn’t have made it through. In the end, it all paid off.

You always look great on the red carpet. Do you have a stylist?

It depends. For the most part, I dress myself unless I’m going to a big red carpet event. There’s a stylist in LA by the name of April Roomet. She’s really dope because she has a really good balance between being fashion forward and being classic. If I’m in NY, there’s a guy by the name of PJ who does styling for E! Entertainment and he hooks me up with my nice Valentino shoes and tuxes. It depends on where I’m going to be and what I’m doing. But for the most part, on my everyday, I dress myself.

What are three items every man should have in their closet?

Every man needs a nice belt. You need a nice clean pair of shoes that you can step out on the town with. And a nice watch. For men, we can get away with a lot of stuff that you women unfortunately can’t get away with. We can throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and if you add a watch, belt and nice pair of shoes, you look like you’re semi dressed up. Throw on a sport coat and you’re good to go.

What do you love to see on a woman?

Women are really stepping up their heel game. It’s always nice to see a woman with some really nice beautiful shoes. It just makes their legs and everything else look so much hotter.

What is your stance on the natural hair movement?

I don’t hate on natural. I don’t hate on weave. I think everybody has their own unique style. As long as you rock it confidently, then that’s going to bring out the sexy in you. Some women, they don’t have no business wearing weave. If you’re not going to keep it up, then you shouldn’t get a weave. That’s the thing about weave. It’s high maintenance. Whatever makes you feel comfortable and sexy, that’s what’s going to look good on you. It’s the attitude you rock with it that makes it hot.

Photo Credit: Sharifa Daniels