LeBron Headband Out For Good?

“LeBron Headband” spent so much time trending on Twitter Tuesday (June 18) night, you’d think it won the game for the Miami Heat.

When LeBron James lost his signature headband, it happened to coincide with a Miami hot streak that brought the team back from the brink and eventually to an overtime win. “LeBron Headband” became a trending topic on Twitter, a “LeBron Headband” parody account popped up in minutes, and it seemed like everyone was wondering if the lack of a headband was contributing to James’ sudden burst.

Now, there’s a legitimate question for Game 7: Will LeBron’s headband make a comeback, or will King James go crownless?

Check out the video for more info on LeBron’s headband, and whether removing the article of clothing let Bron unleash his inner star