Lil Kim In Recovery After Suffering Whiplash From Minor Car Accident

Rapper Lil Kim, who has been turning heads for decades with her outlandish fashion choices, can now add a neck brace to her list of notable accessories.

Lil Kim is reportedly in recovery after a minor car accident that she announced via Twitter on Sunday (June 9).

“Hi My Luvs. I’m ok minor car accident that left me w/ whip lash now I’m stuck wearing this stupid brace 4 a week and a half but I’ll be fine,” the Queen B wrote.

She also showed love to her fans for their support. “Thank u all for ur prayers and support I Luv u all God is Great ! #mykillerbeehive,” she added.

The first lady of the Junior M.A.F.I.A. recently returned to the spotlight at the Gramercy Theater in New York and Hot 97’s Summer Jam XX, where she took over the same stage (separately) as her hip-hop rival Nicki Minaj. While the female MC beef has been as complicated as their beauty regimens, Minaj recently gave a nice shout out to Kimberly.

“My favorite: Foxy, Kim, Lauryn and then Remy,” she told the Hot 97 morning show hosts last month about her favorite lady spitters. “When Remy came out I was very excited about her. But with Foxy, Kim and Remy, they were all from New York too. No disrespect to any other female rappers, but those were the ones that I felt like I could get into that. They sounded like me when I spoke. I just thought they really made an impact.”

Photo Credit: Getty