Listen: Dance Music Rising Star Armand Peña Is About To “Blow”

Armand Peña is the Miami based dance music artist getting ready to “blow” the lid off Erick Morillo’s Subliminal Records with a massive release, tomorrow (June 25). The hot summer track, “Blow,” features pristine vocals from Crystal Waters, as well as co-collabs from Subliminal’s Harry Choo Choo Romero and Alex Alicea. Just in time for the release, Peña dishes on his Subliminal label boss Erick Morillo, Miami living and spinning.

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VIBE: Subliminal Records is your main stay. What is it like to have Erick Morillo as your boss? What important advice have you received from him?
Armand Peña: Erick can be very spontaneous. One time it was really late at night and Mr Morillo calls to ask for a change on a record I was doing at the time. I believe it was the “Tonight” record. Erick is definitely a workaholic. As far as advise, he told me “If you keep doing what you’re doing you will have my support”. It was an honor since I’ve been a fan since reel to reel days.

We are premiering you new track on VIBE exclusively. What influenced ‘Blow’?
It happened before WMC this year. I was talking to Crystal Waters which is another amazing moment in my career as I have always been a big fan. So I asked her that I was working on a project and I would love to have her get involved in it. She replied she was busy but she would see what she can do. A few weeks past and she calls me and here we are. BLOW!

You worked on it with fellow label mate, Harry Romero. What was it like to share this track with him?
Harry is the most down to earth dude. It was great to work with Harry he has so much knowledge that all you can do is take it in and learn as you create a tune together. His guidance has been essential to my career and he’s my dog.

Should we be on the lookout for any upcoming artists on Subliminal?
Yes, ME!! haha

You live in Miami. Where is your favorite place to hangout, when you are not spinning?
When I’m not spinning I love happy hours at Doraku.

What do you love most about Miami?
The weather. Miami Heat!

Every year you throw the ‘Welcome to Miami Party’ to signify the beginning of Ultra and WMC. How did you get started throwing these shindigs? What is the most memorable one to date?
Wow it started 6 years ago with a well known name in this industry Paul Harris. We wanted to do a party amongst friends, it wasn’t about money or politics. It was about this concept ok lets call all our friends from around the world and have the play make some money and have a good time in Miami during WMC at the world famous Nikki Beach. Ever since its been a yearly event featured on MTV, Mixmag and a few other magazines. We also know tour the party around the world, Germany, Switzerland, Miami. I love it!

What was it like working with Crystal Waters on this track?
Like I said before I’ve been a fan and having worked with her on this record still hasn’t set in. But one word describes how I feel about working with the amazing artist. DOPE!!

If you could do a collab with any hip hop/R&B artist, who would it be with?
I would like to do a collab with Rick Ross. That shit would be gangsta.

What are you most excited about for this year? Any intriguing remixes, performances, collabs?
This year besides the Blow release, I have another release coming out on Steve Angello’s label Size X (He personally wrote back to me about the record).. Its an original and I’m excited about this project. Stay tuned…

Grab Armand’s “Tonight” on Beatport.