M.I.A Fires Back With Legal Bid in Son’s Custody Battle

M.I.A’s custody battle continues with baby daddy Benjamin Bronfman.

The Seagram’s heir got a restraining order in March banning M.I.A. from taking their son, Ikyhd, to her homeland, England. The vicious custody war comes a year after the two split in February 2012.

The fashion muse has been vocal in her dislike of the situation, taking to Twitter after being served with the restraining order accusing Bronfman and his family of trying to keep her son away from her.

“Every child needs the MOTHER, I GREW UP WITHOUT A DAD. If [I] grew up without my mother I wouldn’t be here,” she tweeted but has since deleted.

According to TMZ, The British born singer-songwriter is now challenging the order and has filed legal documents in New York federal court, citing The Hague Convention as proof that the New York state judge has no authority to block her move back over the pond.

Billionaire ex-boyfriend isn’t taking this matter lightly and has filed his own legal documents for a case that shows moving his flesh and blood to the UK would be a travesty.

Both are current residents of Brooklyn where their four-year-old son is enrolled in school. — Alexandra Olivier

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures