Mac Miller Launches New Collaboration With Neff Clothing


Mac Miller doesn’t really care where his new album Watching Movies With The Sound Off charts next week, just as long as he’s comfortable in the gear he’s in, even if it’s his birthday suit.
Less than a week of away from the release of his sophomore project, the rapper joins forces with Neff clothing line, launching limited edition pieces now available on Zumiez.
Like peers Deadmau5 and Snoop Lion, Miller’s partnership with Neff includes an eight-piece collection including three t-shirts, a fleece hoodie, tank top, two snap back hats and a watch. With vivid Native American Aztec-inspired prints and tie-dyed designs, the rapper/reality star made sure fans could dress like Mac without breaking the bank.
“A lot of kids coming to shows already wear Neff,” Mac Miller told Complex. “We wanted to champion brands that kids can wear everyday and are accessible. I wear the same clothes everyday, nice clothes [that] are too expensive. I used to care about that shit, but now I just wear whatever’s laying around, and whatever’s comfortable. The Neff collab is exactly that.”
Hit the flip to check out the Mac and Neff collection. - Andrew Asare
Photo Credit: Zumiez