Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Drop Free Tune, “Stay At Home Dad”

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis return with their first new track, “Stay At Home Dad,” since dropping the ubiquitous The Heist in 2012. Just in time for Father’s Day, the duo encourages all the pops out there to take a break and try the “Stay At Home Dad” lifestyle.

Macklemore get refelctive, wondering what if his career goes nowhere and he becomes a stay at home daddy. He starts by narrating a day in the life of the stay at home dad over a mellow beat that’s on the same page as their Heist tunes “Thin Line” and “Same Love.”

“I’ll make you coffee, and a bagel/ And another bagel, keep on reading that paper/ Then it’s off you go/ Hon, you’re going to be late/ Don’t forget your briefcase/ Drive Safe (Peace babe)/ Wake up the kids, toast the toast/ Put the Raisin Bran up in the bowl…” he raps. “…You buy the clothes, I’ll take them off.”

The Father’s Day freebie can be downloaded here. Spin it below.