Mariah Carey Readies New Album, ‘The Art Of Letting Go’

Jermaine Dupri announced the title and release date for Mariah Carey’s upcoming fourteenth studio album via Twitter yesterday:

“Mariah Carey: July 23rd: The Art of Letting Go,” he tweeted. “The new album will be available for all the lambs on July 23.”

Confirming the title that appeared on retailer Walmart’s website, The Art of Letting Go follows the rhetoric of a tweet by Mariah Carey in which she describes the album: “…Melancholic moment letting go of something this personal to me yet I couldn’t be more excited to give three years of my soul to the fans.”

Though Carey has been tight-lipped on the details, Randy Jackson has confirmed that he worked on seven tracks for the album. The singer’s husband, Nick Cannon, also shared that Carey recorded tracks during her pregnancy in 2011.

“Beautiful,” the lead single on The Art of Letting Go, has peaked at No. 15 on Billboard’s Top 100 chart in five weeks.